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Welcome to the Riedel Research Group website!

Our 30+ analysts on the ground in 15 countries around the world provide equity research and recommendations on over 300 companies in the emerging markets. These insights and recommendations are free from any conflict of interest from investment banking as we are totally independent.

We just do one thing - analyze investment opportunities to help you make the best investment decisions possible.

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3/22/2017 EM Macro Insights - India and China Grow in US Absence

Russia: Russia is expected to cut interest rates 50 bps next week. Should already be priced into the ruble.

Mexico: Watch inflation announcement next week. Expected to be slightly higher as

weaker peso filters into the economy

Thailand: Consumer sentiment firmed to highest level since Dec 2015. Good sign that the country is adjusting post-political turmoil.

3/22/2017 China Property - Headwinds in 2017 After Strong 2016

We expect that tighter lending policies will remain in place in 2017 and that growth in real estate in China will slow.

3/22/2017 CAR - Management Distracted by Subsidiary IPO - Slowdown Not a Concern - BUY

Car Inc (699.hk) is a leading provider of short and long-term car

rentals and ride-sharing in China.

3/22/2017 Wielton - From East to West - BUY

Wielton is Poland’s largest semi-trailers and trailers producer, and one of the top 5

producers in Europe. Customers in transport, construction, production and

distribution companies in both domestic and foreign markets. In 2015A exports

generated ~44% of Group revenues. The Company manufactures more than 60

different types of transport vehicles grouped into 10 categories.

6/2/2016 EM Macro Insights: As Policy Makers Focus on Growth Inflationary Pressures Build
  As Policy Makers Focus on Growth Inflationary Pressures Build
6/1/2016 China Consumer Sentiment Snapshot - Urgent Need for Deleveraging Becomes Apparent
  CSI Deteriorates in May On Policy Uncertainty
6/1/2016 BABA - Strong Revenue and Margin Trends - Continues to Dominate in China - 20%+ Upside - BUY
  BABA - No Matter What the Direction of the Economy or Retail - BABA Will Do Well - BUY
5/26/2016 EM Macro Insights: Markets Adjust to Rate Hike Reality - Ways to Protect Your Portfolio
  Markets Indicate Global Economy Can Thrive Given Rate Hike
5/25/2016 Weibo - Price Surge and Contract Expiration Leave Shares Overvalued - Downgrade to SELL from BUY
  Weibo = Strong Fundamentals But Overvalued - Downgrade to SELL
5/24/2016 Tips for Trading in Today’s Negative Media Environment - Implications for Global Markets
  RRG ICAMs and News Flow - Testing the ICAMs Ability to Identify Media Bias