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Welcome to the Riedel Research Group website!

Our 30+ analysts on the ground in 15 countries around the world provide equity research and recommendations on over 300 companies in the emerging markets. These insights and recommendations are free from any conflict of interest from investment banking as we are totally independent.

We just do one thing - analyze investment opportunities to help you make the best investment decisions possible.

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10/28/2015 A Fed Rate Hike In Current Environment Poses Elevated Risks To Emerging Markets and Global Economy - Why The Fed Should Wait
  In this special insights report we highlight our concerns regarding the potential for the Fed to surprise investors by hiking rates at the conclusion of its two day meeting. 
10/27/2015 RRG Tracking Of Online Activity In Asia

RRG Asia ICAM Index Remains At Elevated Levels: Is the Asian Economy Growing At Its Potential?

10/27/2015 Smiles/Multiplus - Sharp Sell-off Provides Opportunity in Loyalty Sector in Brazil - SMLE3 our Preferred Play

Shares of loyalty program companies Smile and Multiplus have sold-off dramatically in recent months for market, currency and company reasons.  We believe the selling is overdone.

10/24/2015 Polarization Of Global Consumer Sentiment Unsustainable - One Of Two Scenarios Will Play Out

Polarization of Global Consumer Sentiment Unsustainable - Two Scenarios To Play Out

10/23/2015 What Is Driving Samsung's Move Into Electric Vehicles? Quid Pro Qu With The Government

Samsung Electronics (005930) - Moves to Restructure and Electric Car Venture are Connected

10/22/2015 EM Macro Insights: As US Focuses On Rate Hike Positive Trends Develop In China And Russia

As US Focuses on Rate Hike Positive Trends Develop in China and Russia

10/15/2015 EM Macro Insights: Low Growth Scenario Confuses Markets

As Global Growth Remains Weak Investors Look to Next FOMC Meeting

10/9/2015 PKP Cargo - Major Rail Transport Player In Europe Set To Benefit From Increased Trade And Coal - BUY

PKP Cargo - 2nd Lgst Rail Transport Co in Europe Provides Exposure to Trade and Growth - BUY

10/8/2015 EM Macro Insights: Low Growth Overhyped

Low Growth Overhyped - Actual Facts Are Not That Bad

10/7/2015 China Consumer Sentiment Recovers - Is Labor Unrest Easing?

Consumer Sentiment Recovers as Media Bias is Exhausted