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Riedel Research Coverage by Region

Independent equity research and country intelligence on companies in Global Emerging Markets.

The Firm

Riedel provides equity research and analysis to leading financial organizations. By becoming members of a region (Asia, Latin America, Emerging Europe or Global), organizations have access to an integrated set of services including:

  • Regular company coverage reports
  • Up-to-date investment decision advice (buy, hold, sell)
  • Monthly regional and global conference calls
  • Customized company reports and unlimited on-line access to the program's services.

Riedel provides research coverage of companies across the full range of market capitalization. Experienced research professionals in each market develop company reports and analysis as well as earnings models and projections. Ratings are Buy, Hold and Sell with a focus on compelling investment ideas - both long and short. Downloadable, dynamic earnings models are built to facilitate sensitivity analysis.

Please feel free to contact us for complimentary access to our written research.  We want to show you that our unique research flow can add value and help develop a long-term, high value-add relationship.

Riedel's model focuses on providing clients with unique insights and consulting in addition to unlimited access to all produced research This model allows members to receive exponential benefits for their retainer fees.

The Founder

David Riedel had been a research analyst for over fifteen years with a strong focus on Emerging Markets as the Head of Thai Research and Regional Telecommunications analyst for Salomon Smith Barney. One of the major challenges that Mr. Riedel witnessed during his tenure in major investment houses was the dramatic decline in the quality of research, especially in emerging markets.

Mr. Riedel founded the Riedel Research Group in 2003 on two premises:

1) Throughout the industry, most fund managers face the same decision-making challenges.

2) It is imperative to produce independent and objective research supported with high-quality local intelligence.

Why is there an Urgent Need for Objective Research in Emerging Markets?

1) A decline in research has created a challenge for Emerging Market fund managers.

Emerging markets-focused fund managers face a serious problem with the current state of equity research in their markets. First, there has been a dramatic decline in the quality of research in the Emerging Markets. Second, there has always been a lack of independence and objectivity in international research as a result of pressure from brokerage firms and corporates for positive outlooks and ratings. In addition, an erratic focus on "hot" markets creates much enthusiasm among the investment banks but very little in the way of good, objective equity research.

2) Smaller markets, mid-cap stocks and proprietary insights have a big impact on portfolio performance.

Smaller markets can move quickly and have an impact on the benchmarks. Good mid-cap picks and proprietary insights into large-cap stocks can boost fund manager performance.

3) Fund managers are underserved in the Emerging Markets.

Because of issues with trading volume as well as research coverage, fund managers are being underserved as coverage by investment banks is driven by investment banking deals rather than providing quality equity research.

Why Riedel Research Group?

  • Research that is independent of any conflict of interest from banking or brokerage.
  • Proprietary and proactive ideas. Rather than simply react to market movements and results announcements, our analysts work to predict how future developments and trends are likely to impact earnings and prospects.
  • We provide custom research including channel checks, company visits and tailored analysis to our clients.
  • We focus on absolute performance to help fund managers in these markets.
  • The insights you get from our analyst and consultants are designed to give our clients a competitive advantage in these markets.
  • Commentary that is action-oriented, flexible and useful including downloadable dynamic Excel spreadsheets built to facilitate sensitivity analysis.