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Welcome to the Riedel Research Group website!

Our 30+ analysts on the ground in 15 countries around the world provide equity research and recommendations on over 300 companies in the emerging markets. These insights and recommendations are free from any conflict of interest from investment banking as we are totally independent.

We just do one thing - analyze investment opportunities to help you make the best investment decisions possible.

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1/5/2015 WBAI - Unjustified Short-seller Attack Provides Buying Opportunity - Shares Could Double - BUY

WBAI - Online Lottery Operator in China Provides Strong Growth and Upside - BUY

12/23/2014 China Telecom Focus on Margins Provides Results - 40% Upside Remains

CHA - Focus on Margins Rather than Revenue Will Drive Earnings - BUY

12/22/2014 How Are Consumers in Asia Feeling Today? - RRG Proprietary ICAM Provides Answers

RRG Internet Consumer Activity Monitors - December Update

12/18/2014 EM Macro Insights: Will Putins Potemkin Village Crumble in 2015?

What Will 2015 Bring?

12/17/2014 Suzlon - Renewables Giant at a Crosswinds - 70% Upside - BUY

Suzlon - Global Wind Industry Player Sees the Pieces Coming Together for Success - BUY

12/16/2014 Risk-Off Meltdown we Predicted in August and October has Materialized - What to do now?

EM Strategy Update: Sell Weaker Markets into Year-end 2014 Rebound  - Build Positions in Energy Import Markets in Early 2015

12/15/2014 YY - Recent Weakness Provides Buying Opportunity

YY - Recent Trends are Strong - Bright Long-term Outlook - BUY 

12/15/2014 Soribada - Small Company Set to Win Big as Samsung Focuses on iTunes/Pandora-type Services in Korea

Soribada - Partnership with Samsung Set to Drive Shares Much Higher - BUY

12/12/2014 SINA - Trading Below Value of Weibo Holding - 70% Upside - Pair Trade with Weibo Short - BUY

SINA - Undervalued - 70%+ Upside - BUY 

12/12/2014 How to Trade Plunging Oil Prices in EM

Mega-Inefficiencies Develop As Plunging Oil Prices Cause Market Realignment